How Can Travel Be A Learning Experience Essay

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How can travel be a learning experience essay

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Why Traveling Is A More Valuable Learning Experience Than Years Of Schooling

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How to Cope in a Crisis Anyone who has travelled extensively has come across their fair share of tricky situations. Facing these trials, working through them and deciding on the best course of action helps you to develop your organisational skills in tough and new situations. A New Language Immersing yourself in a culture is a great way to learn a foreign language. You will make difficult decisions on a daily basis and learn to prioritise what is most important. Traveling makes you more open and accepting. If you travel, you can experience things that you could never experience at home. You may see beautiful places and landscapes that do not exist where you live. You may meet people that will change your life, and your thingking. You may try activities that you have never tried before. You will realise that you can cope with a lot of unexpected situations. You will realise that you can survive without all that help that is always available for you at home. You will likely find out that you are much stronger and braver than you have expected. Try a restaurant serving ethnic food and avoid the touristic restaurants with equivalent food from home. Take public transportation and learn the system, it's not difficult after the first couple of times. Sign up for an outdoor activity that you might not get the opportunity to do at home like hiking, sailing, or flying in a helicopter. New places means new opportunities, so try not to pass them up. No wifi for directions? The restroom you entered is merely a hole in the ground? The buses to your next planned destination are all booked? There are always alternatives, and bumps in the road should never keep people from traveling. Studies show that people who travel think more creatively and are better at adjusting to new situations. Again, traveling isn't full of glitz and glamour as it's portrayed. New perspective is gained. A home cooked meal will mean so much more to you because you missed it for so long. The person who smiled at you on the street becomes your best friend. Seeing a statue or monument in your hometown will remind you of the one you saw abroad. Those precious years are the time to take in as much as you can. Yet, for 13 years, we spend five days a week in a classroom, in the same environment, with the same people. We only know and understand what exists within the walls of our school, our home and our city. The classroom is the best place to expand your academic knowledge, but when it comes to learning about life, there is nothing more enriching than travel. During fifth grade, my parents took us on a trip to Malaysia. Yes, we stayed at a resort and spent time by the pool, but what I remember about my time there was far more meaningful.

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This I Believe: Travel And Learning Cultures Bring Us Closer | NPR Illinois

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Did you know that travelling can make your life better and happier in several ways? Read this list to find out what the top benefits of how are! Travelling can teach you more than any travel course. You learn about the culture of the country you visit. If you talk to locals, you will likely learn about their thinking, habits, traditions and history as experience. You will notice the cultural differences, and can find out what makes your culture unique. After retrurning from a long journey, you will see your essay with new eyes.

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How can travel be a learning experience essay

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