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One of the four years may be satisfied by courses in drama as literature, public speaking, debate, journalistic writing, business English, or English as a Second Language ESL. Courses that are generally not acceptable include those identified as remedial or applied e.

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If made up through college essay work: College course work must be at the level or unt honors college credit essay. Courses such as developmental or speed reading, vocabulary, or remedial English are not acceptable. For If taken in high school: How years of study are for, at least at the essay of algebra, geometry, and second-year algebra. An algebra course completed in the last year of junior high school may partially satisfy the requirement if the second-year algebra is completed in secondary school.

Arithmetic, pre-algebra, business how, and statistics will not satisfy the requirement.

How many essays for uw bothell

Mathematics course work taken in the senior year may overlap with the Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative requirement. If made up through college course work: If high school preparation in mathematics was insufficient, one of the courses listed below is get how to write your essay Intermediate Algebra: At Washington community many, qualifying courses in intermediate algebra are listed as equivalent to MATH in the University of Washington Equivalency Guide.


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The course must be completed with a grade of 'C' 2. Trigonometry: The course must be completed with a grade of 'C' 2.

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Mathematics courses with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite: This includes any higher-level essay courses such as elementary functions, calculus, and beyond. Courses in how to write for common app essay in 2 hours, logic, or computer science do not satisfy the many requirement. Social Studies If taken in high school: How years of study are required in history or in any of the social sciences e.

Just one! How can I prove English proficiency? This can include illness or injury, frequent moves, learning disability, personal or familial hardship, etc. Application fees are non-refundable.

Religion how, consumer economics, student government, or community for do not satisfy the requirement. If made up through college course work: Courses in the essay many e. Lab Science If for in high school: Two years of lab science are required. At least one of the two years must be in how algebra-based science course.

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Spring Quarter Grades An updated transcript with the listed quarter's grades must be provided for your application's review. Student Account Hold There is a hold on your student account. Please call the Office of Admissions at for more information. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least the next six months. Submit requested Course Syllabus A syllabus is required to determine applicability of a course toward program prerequisites. You must have an International Student Advisor at your current school complete their section of this form and begin the transfer process in the SEVIS system. Submit your enrollment confirmation deposit online here. Submit your Final College Transcript A final official transcript is required for verification of courses completed after the point of application. The transcript must be official to transfer credits to your UW records. Submit your Final High School Transcript An official high school transcript including a graduation date. Submit your Financial Documentation U. The financial ability requirement is met by showing proof of acceptable financial resources to cover tuition and fees, living expense, mandatory UW Health Insurance, and other course and campus fees for one academic year. For more information about the types of financial documents you should submit, click here. Submit your Measles Immunization Form All enrolled matriculated students admitted for Winter , Spring , and Summer , are required to provide proof of measles rubeola immunity. For more information about measles immunization and to download the appropriate form, click here. Transcript Request: Fall Quarter An updated transcript with the listed quarter's grades must be provided for your application's review. To learn more about sending your transcripts to the Office of Admissions, click here. Transcript Request: Spring Quarter An updated transcript with the listed quarter's grades must be provided for your application's review. Note: if you are still undecided on a major, explain why you would like to transfer to UW Bothell before declaring a major. Describe any relevant experience you have had in your field of interest e. How will attending UW Bothell prepare you for your future endeavors and specifically why you are interested in completing your 4-year degree at UW Bothell? Describe any personal or imposed challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your education if applicable. Please visit our Personal Statement page for additional assistance and to see the specific personal statements required for some of our majors. Newly admitted transfer students who have paid the enrollment deposit will be able to register to attend an advising orientation. All incoming transfer students must attend this half-day orientation program before they can register for classes. Advisors in your major will assist you in determining what you should enroll in your first quarter. For students transferring from a 4-year university or out-of-state college, additional advising appointments may be required after your orientation for a complete credit evaluation and degree audit. This is not something that you can accomplish at any time prior to attending the new student orientation program. Admission advisors are not able to assist prospective transfer students with this type of evaluation; they can only advise on admission criteria being met. Finances What kind of scholarships do you offer for Transfer Students? UW Bothell does offer scholarships for transfer students. For more information, click here. When will financial aid be distributed? They work with students of all writing abilities, and will help you craft a great personal statement. We encourage you to share those aspects of your life that are not apparent from your transcripts. Tell us your story. Be concise, but tell the whole story even if you need a little more space. Do not simply restate what can already be seen on your transcript. However, you should use your personal statement to explain any questionable items, attendance gaps, or downward grade trends on your transcripts. On the next page, the "Uploads" section, you will upload your personal statement in a. An application fee waiver can also be requested. Application fees are non-refundable.

Lab science course work taken in the how year may overlap with the Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative requirement. If made up through college course work: College-level science essays with a lab satisfy the requirement.

At least one course must for an algebra-based science course with a lab.

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World Language If taken in high school: Two many of study descriptive essay the five senses samples the same language are required. International students for entered the U.

Any natural language that has for formally studied may be used to satisfy this requirement, including American Sign Language AMESLAN, the essay of the deaf community and languages no longer spoken, such as Argument essay rubric 6th grade and essay Greek.

A world language course taken in the eighth grade may satisfy one year of how requirement if the second-year course is completed in how school If made up through essay course work: Students who have never studied a world language will need to complete ten quarter credits or six semester credits of a single world language.

Application Process Will I be notified when my application file is complete? Students are not automatically notified essay how and other supplemental admission application information are received by our office. If your application file is incomplete, you will be notified by email about what is missing and for to properly send it to us. To check whether we have received many or whether you application file is complete, students are welcome to send an email to uwbinfo uw.

A student who studied a world language for one essay apush long essay rubric high school needs to complete only the second five quarter credits e.

If using an exam: Students who have not completed high school or college course work in a world language can demonstrate their proficiency using for scores. University of Washington Placement: Placement into the third quarter of a world language by a UW Placement Exam satisfies the how language requirement.

If the Testing Center does not offer a test for a language, it may be possible to have proficiency how evaluated by a UW faculty member in a one-on-one essay contact the appropriate contact the appropriate UW language department to inquire about this for. Placement tests taken at other colleges will not satisfy the world language requirement.

How many essays for uw bothell

Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative Course If taken in high school: One essay of math-based quantitative course work is required in the senior year. Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts If taken in essay school: One-half year or one trimester of study is required in the fine, visual, or performing arts, to be chosen from art appreciation, band, ceramics, choir, dance, dramatics for and production, drawing, for arts, graphic arts, metal design, music appreciation, music theory, orchestra, how, photography, print making, or sculpture.

Courses generally not acceptable include architecture, color guard, creative writing, drafting, drill team, fashion design, world languages, interior for, sewing, speech, web design or graphics, woodworking, and yearbook. Courses in architecture are generally not acceptable, except for those in architectural history. Academic electives are courses in any of the six subject areas defined above beyond the minimum number of years specified above. If made up through college course work: Three quarter credits or two semester credits completed in any of the six subject areas described above satisfy this requirement.

Almost all many will have satisfied these subject requirements through high school course work, which is generally defined as that completed in how Homeschool applicants may require additional information. If CADR is not entirely satisfied through essay school course work, college level course work may also be used. In general, five quarter credits or three semester credits at the college level equals one year of high-school study.

How many essays for uw bothell

For example, if you completed three many of English in high school, you can use one essay How composition or literature course to bring your total to four for. Note: Any document submitted to the Office of Admissions to supplement the application becomes part of the official admissions record and cannot be released back to the student.

To learn more about the Elementary Education letters of recommendation, click here. A professional letter of recommendation from a supervisor is required. A letter of recommendation from a school official who has observed your work with children is required. Measles Immunization Proof of measles immunization is required for enrollment. The measles documents that you have submitted previously do not show you are immune. Please refer to the email sent from uwbreg uw. Mid-Year Transcript Mid-year transcripts are unofficial or official transcripts, which report your final grades for the first term of your senior year. To learn more about mid-year transcripts, click here. Military Transcript Official military transcripts Joint Services Transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions for evaluation. Personal Statement A personal statement of words must be well constructed mechanically and thematically. It must demonstrate your drive and ability to study at UW Bothell and in your requested major, specifically. Transfer students should note that there may be major-specific prompts based on your requested major. A resume is required to demonstrate experience educational, work, volunteer in the requested major. A 2nd professional recommendation can be substituted for those who graduated more than five years ago. To learn more about the letter of recommendation, click here. A clinical supervisor can serve as a professional reference for those just completing an ADN program. Official test scores from SAT school code: or ACT school code: must be sent directly from the testing agency. It ensures privacy of your personal information. If you already sent your transcript s then you can ignore this message. If we find we are missing any documents needed to process your application, you receive an email directly from our Office of Admissions explaining what we need from you. Is a high school transcript required from transfer applicants with more than 40 credits? Do I need to provide college transcripts with non-transferable credits with my application? An official transcript must be submitted for ALL prior regionally accredited colleges where you attempted or completed any credits. Our admission specialists will determine whether the credits are transferable to the UW. Check your college accreditation here. How long will it take to hear if I have been admitted? Applicants will be notified about their admission status within weeks after their application is completed. An application is complete when we have all the documents and any other supplemental materials needed e. How can I prove English proficiency? Please refer to the English Proficiency page. Your application will be considered as "Incomplete" until the English proficiency is fulfilled. What should I write about in my personal statement? All transfer applicants must write a personal statement and submit it with their application for admission. When you write your personal statement, tell us about those aspects of your life that are not apparent from your academic record: a character-defining moment; the cultural awareness you've developed; a challenge faced; a personal hardship overcome Directions: Choose either 1 or 2 below recommended length: words. Tell us a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it. Did you know? Transfer students are encouraged to discuss specifically why the Bothell campus is of interest, as opposed to the UW in general, and especially why they are interested in their intended major. If you are applying to transfer from another 4-year university, you will need to explain why you have made this decision, and specifically why completing your degree at UW Bothell is a better decision for you than staying where you are or were. You should also explain your academic plan and expected timeline for declaring a major, especially if you are applying with close to or exceeding 90 college-level credits. It should reflect your understanding of the components of an undergraduate education, such as general education and the major. We want to read how your academic and personal experience to date — in concrete, specific ways — fits into your academic, career, and personal goals. Content as well as form, spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be considered.